About the Business Programme

More and more, qualifications in accounting and finance need to be geared towards world markets. Educational outcomes and degree structures should, in turn, respond to these needs. The B.Sc. Degrees in Business Administration and Accounting & Finance places itself squarely within the globalizing trends, and strives to emulate international standards for academic excellence in the field.

A team of specialized academicians in different areas of Management, such as Human Resources, Strategic Management, Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Project Management, Economics, Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology Mathematics came together to design the course of study. The team reflects different backgrounds, views, and expertise to ensure a high quality outcome.

This degree will prepare graduates for a career in professional accounting, investment banking, investment analysis, financial management, or for postgraduate studies.

The B.Sc. in Business Administration & Accounting and Finance is a four year (eight semesters) programme. For the time being, there are two sub-specializations within the program, those being “Business Administration” and “Accounting and Finance.” Prerequisite courses will be covered during semesters one though six, while courses in the specializations will be covered in semesters seven and eight.

The curriculum aims to add new dimensions in the study of business administration and finance; such as introducing courses that reflect state of art business studies both academically and professionally. Courses consist of Ministry of Higher Education required courses, amounting to 15% of total credit hours, and faculty-designed courses, amount to 63% of the total credit hours.