Medical Partnerships & External Relations

International Recognition:
Federation for Advancement of International Medical Education & Resreach
(FAIMER): Nile College is registered by the International Medical Education Directory
(IMED) of FAIMER. This registry gives recognition to the Nile College MBBS Degree, which
enables students to apply for registration with the General Medical Council in the United
Kingdom (GMC-UK) and the Examination Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
(ECFMG) exams in the United States.
World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS): Nile College is registered in the WDMS
which has been developed through a partnership between the World Federation for Medical
Education (WFME) and the (FAIMER) in collaboration with the World Health Organization
and the University of Copenhagen. It is sponsored by the (GMC-UK), (ECFMG),
Australlian Medical Council, and the Medical Council of Canada.
Partnerships and Affiliations:
Ministry of Health Partnerships: East Nile Hospitals & Health Centres, Hag Alsafi
Hospital and Ahmed Gasim Hospital.
Ministry Of Higher Education: Nile College Degrees are recognized by the Ministry
of Higher Education (M of HE). NC Faculty is drawn upon by the M. of HE Committees as
consultants and members of working groups.
Sudan Medical Council: NC is registered with the Sudan Medical Council. NC Faculty
are drawn upon as consultants for committees and Accreditation assessors.
Sudan Universities Association: Nile College is a full member of Sudan Universities
Sudan Medical Colleges Association: NC is a member of Sudan Medical College