كلية النيل مثل بيتى الثانى!

If I have to talk about Nile University, a whole book won’t be enough but I am going to tell little things you should know about this college.

When I got admission into Nile College in 2010 to study Medical Information Systems (Diploma) for three years, I didn’t want to stay, I wanted to go to other university, I thought, why should I stay in a college when there are lot of universities around but something kept me here and that was what I saw in the college, the vision and mission of the college, the staffs and founders of the college.

Nile College is not just any university you talk about without according some respect. Nile College is more than the buildings that you see; the money that comes in, it’s all about her students.

I have always had a vision that Nile College would be a big university, I just love the college, I want the best for the college and for once, it has never disappointed me, Nile College keeps growing and growing.

Anytime I sit with other foreigners and compare some other universities with Nile College, we always end up giving kudos to the founders of the collegeon how it has really improved and how fast it has risen.

I graduated from Nile University with a First Class and i was given admission to study Computer information systems (Honor). I am in my final semester and my love for Nile College hasn’t stopped.

I still believe in the college, I still believe it going to be greater than this.

You must be wondering why am I so enthusiastic about Nile College, allow me to tell you a few things that Nile College has done for me or have made me become.

First is the ability to finish my three years course on half scholarship, and I have been on half scholarship since I started my honors in computer information systems as well.

Secondly, I had the dream to become an author before age twenty-five and Nile College made it possible (let’s leave the story for another day).

Thirdly, I have been able to finance my school fees and my pay my bills through the businesses I do and to be honest, Nile College staffs made that possible (they call me business woman).

So tell me why i shouldn’t like Nile College?

Nile Collegehas made the best out of me, it made a First Class student (twice), it made me an author and it made me a business mogul.

I am forever grateful to Nile College founders and workers because most of them make me feel like I am in my second home and I have nothing to worry about.

I hope my fellow students know that they made the best choice by choosing Nile College because it’s like a SECOND HOME FOR THE FOREIGNERS.

From J.A.Z,a proud student of Nile College


Zulfah Jubril Adeola. CisBsc004

C.I.S 5thYear

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