Participation on Pharma Middle East

The Nile College Faculty of Pharmacy participated in the 8th Annual Meeting of the Pharma Middle East Congress, held in Dubai, in 2016.

Dr. Amna Beshir Medani (Medani, A.B.)  Associate professor of Nile College and her college  presented the following :
  *  Workshop titled, ‘Microbial Toxicology for Safer Drug Industry,’ Medani, A.B.
  *   Oral presentation titled, ‘Toxic Effect of Poly DADMAC Introduced to Nubian Goats in Drinking Water,’ Medani, A.B., Sarrah Galal Ahmed, Samia Mohammed Ali, Ahmed Elamin Mohammed.

*  Oral presentation titled, “Evaluation of the Toxic effects of Cinnamaldehyde Food Flavor on the Liver and Kidneys of Rats,” Medani, A.B., and Altahir, M.A.
  *   Oral presentation titled, “Treatment Trends on Basil Herb: The Hypothesis of increasing Rabbit's Male Sexual Hormones (FSH and LH),” Mohammed, F.S. and Medani, A.B.
  *   Oral presentation titled, “The Effect of Caffeine and Ephedrine combinations on weight loss and lipid profile of New Zealand Rabbits,” Eiman Adem and Medani, A.B.
  *   Poster presentation titled, “Evaluation of ED50, TD50 and LD50 of Acacia Senegal (Hashab) Bark on Rat as Antidiarrhoeal Agent,” Eiman Ahmed Mohammed and Medani. A.B.
  *   Poster presentation titled, “Biological Activity of Origanum Amjorana in Prolactin Level in Female Albino Rats,” Dahab, E.A. and Medani, A.B.

Additionally, Dr. Nada Abdelghani Abdelrahim, Assistant professor at Nile College  presented her work entitled, “Pattern of Antimicrobial Resistance in a Spectrum of Aerobic Bacteria Isolated from Various Infections Conditions Affecting Patients in Sudan.”

Lastly, Dr. Cathrine Victor Gabra Butros, Lecturer at Nile College also presented her work entitled, “Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Pharmacists towards Ophthalmic Medications in Khartoum, Sudan.”

Their Oral Presentations will be cited in the Journal of Pharma Care Health Systems 2016.